National Veterans Service

Each year, the VFW’s National Veterans Service (NVS) assists more than 120,000  veterans nationwide, garner over a billion dollars in compensation benefits.


Whether you’re interested in going back to school,  starting a career or just have general questions about separation, look no  further than the VFW for answers.

Troop Support

The VFW’s troop support  programs have been evolving with the needs of our troops for well over a  century, and today our programs remain unrivaled. We help thousands of service  members each year, providing the real support they need from emergency financial  assistance to morale boosting events.

Post Military Assistance

If you’re  thinking about a new career, need information on military-related health issues  by conflict or general medical benefits, look no further.

Family Assistance

Military families are  the toughest we know, but we know the toll a military lifestyle can take on a  family. That’s why many of our programs work to ensure families grow stronger  when times get rough.

National Military Services

NMS has made a significant impact in the  lives of millions of service members and their families.

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